School of Cinema {College of Liberal & Creative Arts}

Photo collage of students and faculty of the Cinema Department at SFSU.


Professor Larry Clark, teaching cinematography.

    (Barton Fink, 1991)

Students pursuing this pathway gain the necessary skills to craft compelling narratives that provoke, inspire and entertain audiences. Screenwriting students often graduate with two or more scripts they can use as evidence of their training.  Courses include:

  • CINE 356, Fundamentals of Screenwriting
  • CINE 454, Writing Short Films
  • CINE 456, Feature Screenwriting I
  • CINE 556, Feature Screenwriting II
  • CINE 656, Screenwriting Workshop

Students may take up to three different topics of CINE 656 for credit. 

Students may apply the following courses to their electives:

  • CINE 354, Writing for Documentary
  • CINE 654, Writing and Performing in Film and Theater
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