Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto

Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto
Assistant Professor
Building: FA
Room Number: 415
Office Hours: 
Monday: 4:10 pm-6:10 pm


Assistant Professor Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto conducts research on the contested images of the nation in Chilean films produced with European television channels. She is also co-editing a book on Chilean women filmmakers in exile.

Her essays have appeared in Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice, Quarterly Review of Film and Video and Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies: Travesia, among others.

Most recently, Ramirez-Soto was a postdoctoral researcher at the Universidad de Valparaíso and an associate fellow at University of Warwick.

Ramirez-Soto earned her Ph.D. in film and television studies from University of Warwick in 2014.