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Martha Gorzycki

A photo of Martha Gorzycki
Professor; Animation Advisor
Advising Area: 
Animation Only
Office & Hours: 
FA 335; Tuesday 1-3pm
(415) 338-1879
  • M.F.A., San Francisco State University, San Francisco
  • B.A., Yale University, New Haven
Faculty Profile Video: 

Professor Gorzycki runs the Department’s animation program. A painter and experimental animator, Gorzycki's interest in animation was sparked while an undergraduate painting major at Yale University. One of her most influential professors was Faith Hubley, an Oscar-winning filmmaker whose animated movies explored social issues beyond the traditional children's cartoons. Gorzycki, who has taught animation at SFSU since 1998, attempts to carry on Hubley's tradition of experimental, socially aware animation through her own films and teaching. Her most recent work, Peace of Dreams, was inspired by dreams that featured colorful collages of a female silhouette interacting with animals, plant life, the moon and sun. In her courses, students do not watch Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Bambi. Instead, they watch experimental, independent animation from around the world. Like her own work, Gorzycki encourages her animation students to "explore their inner voice" and become auteurs.

Selected Publications & Filmography: 


  1. “Unfurling” (2 min, DV), 2006/2001
  2. “Reckless Echoes“ (5 min, DV), 2006
  3. “Peace Dreams” (7 min, 16mm), 2005
  4. “Five Suns, Creation Stories of Mexico” (60 min, 16mm) (Director of Photography and Animator), 2004
  5. “All My Relations, Legends and Wisdom of Nakota Elder Grandmother Kitty” (60 min, CD) (Recording Engineer), 1994
  6. “Popol Vuh, Maya Creation Stories” (60 min, 16mm) (Director of Photography and Animator), 1990
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