Cine 650 Master Classes

Event Date: Friday, October 16 (All day) to Sunday, October 18 (All day)

Join Professor Laura Green for this semester’s Cinema 650 master classes. This semester, the masterclasses explore the rich territory of hybrid fiction-filmmaking with acclaimed directors working in the field. Each class is worth 1-unit, and takes place over the course of a single weekend. Look at the SFSU Schedule for more information or contact:


October 16th – 18th – Rodrigo Reyes – Directing Workshop: Finding Your Voice


Rodrigo Reyes will discuss his filmmaking process, addressing approaches such as working with non-actors, using biographical stories, and building different hybrid film structures. The workshop will center on discussions and exercises where students explore using elements from their own lives, histories, and experiences as the basis for film works, guiding each student to reflect on their unique cinematic voice. To accommodate the entirely online structure, this class will meet the afternoon of Friday the 16th and resume Sunday the 18th, giving enrolled students a chance to film on Saturday the 17th 



November 20th-21st – Kate McLean & Mario Furloni - Materials Available Filmmaking


Directors Kate McLean and Mario Furloni will discuss their 6-year process of making Freeland, which premiered at SXSW this year. The workshop will focus on what they call their “materials available” approach – scrappy, independent production that interweaves research, location work, and deep community engagement with the filmmaking process. 



December 4th & 5th  – Two day Premiere Intensive w/ Laura Green


This masterclass will be a two-day introductory premiere intensive. This is open to any junior and senior students who need to brush up (or begin from the ground up) with their Adobe Premiere Pro skills. This is a purely technical workshop.