Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 15:17

Greetings Students,


If you are interested in taking advanced filmmaking or screenwriting courses in Fall 2018, please read this message carefully and then click on the appropriate link below based on your class standing and follow the instructions on that page.


Due to increasing numbers of students declaring Cinema as a major over the past few years, along with very real resource limitations,  the School of Cinema is implementing a formal review process that will improve equity of access to upper division creative classes, as well as ensure that required prerequisites are, and can be, met by students wishing to take advanced courses. 


This formal review process will govern registration for Fall 2018 and is required for admission to all advanced production and screenwriting courses.  Due to the number of majors wishing to enroll into a limited number of production seats, we will do our best to enroll eligible students who have filled out the required form, if at all possible*.  The maximum amount of production classes a student may enroll in through this process enroll will be limited to 2 production classes per term.    


Please click on the appropriate link based on your class standing and follow the instructions on that page:


Here is the Junior Application:


Here is the Senior Application:


Make sure you choose the correct form for your class standing - any Juniors choosing the Senior form, or Seniors choosing the Junior form, will have their Production Pool applications thrown out. If in doubt of your class standing, log in to your student center and check on your informal transcript.


The deadline is Monday, April 23, 2018 at 9am. Late applications will not be accepted.


PERMIT NUMBERS: Permit numbers will expire if you have not used them during your personal enrollment window during the priority registration/early registration period which ends May 18.  If you do not use your permit number during your enrollment window (it is up to you to figure out what that window is, please check with the registrar), you will lose your seat in the class.  Do not wait out for your first choice if you don’t get it, you will likely end up without a production class if you do not use the permit number for your assigned class immediately.  We regret that we cannot hold seats for students who have financial issues that preclude them from registering during this period.  


DPRC Students: If you have documentation, email (do not send any documents) for instructions on who to send documentation to.


Best Regards,

The School of Cinema