Cinema Upper Division Enrollment

Monday, November 28, 2016 - 15:35

Dear Cinema Majors,

Please take note of the following registration process that the School of Cinema is using for Spring 2017. Registration for highly sought-after upper division production classes will be conducted on a staggered basis across the different enrollment periods. Thus, there will be limited seats available during priority registration, more will open up on Dec. 22 and the final seats will be made available on January 5. If any spaces remain available after this time, they will NOT be determined by waitlist (there will be NO WAITLIST for these courses) but will be enrollment by Instructor Consent. Those seats will be determined by the instructor on the first day of class on the basis of class seniority and prerequisites — therefore, bringing a copy of your transcript on the first day to such classes is advisable.

We recommend no more than one advanced production course be enrolled in per term. For those who are determined to take more than one, we ask that you confine yourself to NO MORE THAN TWO advanced production courses per term. This is to allow more equitable distribution of available spaces across the many students who desire these classes. It will also allow you to do better in your classes — these classes require substantial time and resource commitments from you. Give yourself a realistic schedule so that you can do your best work. Thank you.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this arrangement. Please do not contact instructors/professors to ask for seats in their classes prior to the first day of class. They will not have permit numbers to distribute.

Thank you and have a great Spring term!

Britta Sjogren, MFA, PhD 

Director, School of Cinema

San Francisco State University