Course Topic Change for Cinema 325 Section 3 (April 28-29)

Monday, March 20, 2017 - 14:57

The Course topic for Cinema 325 — Section 3 — has been changed in order to take advantage of a rare opportunity to offer a weekend tribute to Oscar-nominated film Editor Dody Dorn, with the artist in person to discuss her work!.  Dorn and Professor Sjogren will introduce the films and discuss the craft of editing and other topics on Friday’s class, before screening Dorn’s break-out editing tour-de-force Memento (Christopher Nolan),as well as the critically acclaimed epic Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s cut) (Ridley Scott), the radical exploration of  point-of-view constructed through multiple body cameras in End of Watch (David Ayer) and select episodes of the acclaimed HBO series Enlightened  (Mike White).   Dorn will also be on hand for an in depth discussion of these films, editing, sound design and working in the Hollywood film industry on Saturday from 2-5.   Below is a brief bio for Dorn.    We look forward to sharing the work and thoughts of this provocative, intelligent contemporary master of the art of editing with you!

Editor Dody Dorn stepped into the spotlight with her bravura work on director Christopher Nolan's Memento, which featured a complex plot almost mathematical in its ordering of confusion to create clarity. Perhaps that's related to her love of numbers since attending Hollywood High School and her first career goal – to become a math teacher. But her part-time job working the switchboard at her dad's small shooting stage led into work as a PA, assistant location manager, assistant to the producer and, finally, assistant film editor. Finding it difficult to make the leap to film editor, she moved into sound editing, where she thrived on projects including Silverado and The Abyss. But she kept her hand in film editing, mainly small indies, until Memento put her on the map. Her editorial credits also include Matchstick Men, Insomnia, End of Watch, Fury, Kingdom of Heaven, Year of the Dog, Sick, and many others.  For those who are interested, here is a brief, informative interview with Dody Dorn: