Documentary & Experimental Spring Classes Open! Enroll Now!

Monday, January 13, 2020 - 14:09

Dear Cinema Students,

These two production classes currently have low enrollment, and we are looking for a few more interested students to keep it on the schedule for Spring 2020.

Please reach out to the faculty to receive add codes for these wonderful courses now. Their contact info is below.


CINE 630: Workshop in Experimental Documentary: The Essay Film

This upper-division production workshop focuses on the Essay Film, a poetic and lyrical genre that sees cinema as thought and promotes personal work as an opportunity for exploration, reflection, and discovery. Tracing the history and key works of the Essay genre, we will have the opportunity to create a number of short works that serve as exercises to explore creative voice, expressive imagery and sound design, and voiceovers that draw connections between personal histories, poetic and philosophical themes, and objective research. The central project of the course is a personal 5-10 minute essay film, which we will follow from treatment stage, to two script drafts, a rough cut, and a final cut. An intimate, small workshop, our focus will be on developing a creative community that, like the Essay film itself, fosters a spirit of inquiry, exploration, and deep reflection and feedback.

Class meets Mondays 2 – 4:45pm & 6 – 8:45pm

Contact email:


CINE 640: Advanced Documentary Production Workshop

Want to direct and produce your own short documentary before you graduate? This advanced non-fiction production workshop gives students with interest and skills in documentary the opportunity to make a short film with substantial faculty guidance and peer support. Operating in a dynamic workshop environment, students improve their technical production skills, expand on their abilities to critically analyze films, refine their documentary voice for creative expression, and learn how to survive and thrive as filmmakers after graduation.

Class meets Thursdays 9:30am - 12:15pm & 2 – 4:45.

Contact email: