GA/GTA Application, Fall 2021, DUE APRIL 16

Thursday, April 1, 2021 - 14:03

Dear CINEMA Graduate Students,   


The School of Cinema has set up the online form to apply for GA-ships and GTA-ships for the Fall 2021 semester. Please note this application is only for grad students that have or will have completed CINE 852 by the end of the Fall semester. The application asks for a fair amount of information about your background, skills, availability and preferences. Please let us know as clearly as possibly which days and times you will be able to work, by looking at what courses you plan to enroll in for Fall 2021. Currently, the grad course schedule is listed below. Please know they are yet to be approved by the College and may change.   


You may need a bit of time to complete, so please do not wait until the last minute to fill out the application, found here:


The deadline to submit the application is Friday, April 16   


We are enclosing a list of Fall undergraduate courses that will likely require GA’s or GTA’s. Please note that this list is tentative and is subject to change. You may use this list to indicate particular assistantships that might fit your interests and schedule. Please remember that while we will endeavor to match you with a preferred course, there are many moving parts, and getting a preferred assignment may not be possible for everyone. Moreover, the schedule often undergoes some revisions, so please be aware that some flexibility on your part will likely be necessary. Please note that due to student demand for F2F production classes, the 204 and 624 GTA-ships are likely to be F2F. Currently, all other classes are online, both synchronous and asynchronous.   



CINE 102   Introduction to Contemporary Cinema    

CINE 200   Introduction to Cinema Studies   

CINE 211   Film History I   

CINE 212   Film History II   

CINE 304   Gender and Film (Topic: Representations of Women and "Femininity" in Film)   

CINE 307   National/Regional Cinemas   

CINE 309   Latina/o/x Cinema   

CINE 325    Focus on Film Topics (Three sections)    

CINE 335    Art of Cinematography   

CINE 342    Documentary Film   

CINE 344    Film Genre (Topic: Comedy)   

CINE 365    History of Animation   

CINE 450    Fundamentals of Screenwriting   




CINE 202   Introduction to Filmmaking   

CINE 204   Introduction to Filmmaking Laboratory   

CINE 340   Critical Studies   

CINE 341   Critical Studies Discussion Group   

CINE 624   Advanced Production Crafts   



Please email with any questions.   


Weimin Zhang and Steve Choe  

MFA Coordinator and MA Coordinator