Introducing Linhdan Le as a Marcus Fellow / Award Recipient

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 11:37

Linhdan Le's Project asks: How can film challenge the boundaries of dominant queer narratives, particularly those focusing on transgender bodies?

Project Title: Gender’s Corporeality: Deconstructing Trans-Boundaries in Cinema


"My project will consist of both research and an accompanying film, it will explore the ways in which transgender bodies have been represented in cinema, in order to expand the boundaries of such depictions. I will challenge the dominant understanding of trans identity because it seems to perpetuate a dichotomous view of queerness, one that still moves between the male and female body. The concept itself denotes the idea of moving from one gender to the next as though they were points on a map to come from and to. I believe the approach to the transgendered body should have a much more malleable representation that might take stops along these two “destinations”. The research will help me to construct a film that is meant to be at once a physical, emotional, and mental space to address the more fluid nature of the trans body and mind." -Linhdan Le

This project is made possible by a Marcus Undergraduate Research Fellowship.