Join us for this week's Master Class - "Unlikely Films. Documentaries by George Csicsery."

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 11:22

Join us Thursday night, October 17, at 5pm in the Coppola Theater (FA 101) as we welcome documentary filmmaker George Csicsery for the second public screening in the Fall Master Class Series, "Unlikely Films. Documentaries by George Csicsery." Csicsery will be screening and discussing two of his documentaries, The Thursday Club and Hungry For Monsters.

The Thursday Club is for anyone interested in the explosive social movements of the 1960s, whether they empathize with the protesters or the police. It is a film that challenges stereotypical readings of the 1960s by giving a voice to the people behind the lingering image of the “fascist pig.” The documentary covers the multiracial roots of today's Oakland Police Department, providing an inside look at how blacks and whites grappled with racial integration, and the ambivalence of black officers during the department's war with the Black Panthers.

Hungry for Monsters is a step-by-step account of one family’s ordeal with memory-focused psychotherapy, the cultivation of memories, and accusations of sexual abuse. A case study from the “memory wars,” Hungry for Monsters shows how the lethal cocktail of sexual politics, uncritical therapeutic enthusiasm, feminist and Christian fundamentalist beliefs, well-intentioned social workers and police officers, and a sensation-starved media, produced a nightmare of persecution and injustice.

For more information on Csicsery, please visit his website.