Message to Cine majors

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 13:32

Dear Cinema Majors,  

As some of you are aware, the School of Cinema is implementing a curricular “revamp” that entailed restructuring some requirements and renumbering many classes.  Under our new program, 400 level classes are intended as intermediate level production classes for which Juniors in the major who have completed the prerequisites will have priority.  600 level classes are intended as advanced level production classes for which Seniors who have completed prerequisites will have priority.  

For  both 400 and 600 classes – except those coded as “instructor consent only”, registration will be open and subject to prerequisite checks.  We are hopeful that the registrar’s system can now do this work for us, easing the process for everyone.  

Students will not be able to add more than TWO 400 level OR TWO 600 level classes PER TERM.    Once regular enrollment is over, you can always try to add something on the first day of school if there is space, and this will be by instructor permit/consent only.  Exceptions will only be made in rare circumstances and will require approval of the Director of Cinema.  

Finally, for classes coded as “instructor consent only” – please contact the instructor for the class.  If they are not listed, please contact Michael Cortina (, who will be organizing those permit distributions in coordination with the 
Cinema office.  

Thanks and have a great term!  


School of Cinema

San Francisco State University  

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