New Registration Process for Advanced Production Courses for Fall 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017 - 11:46

Dear Cinema Majors,

The School of Cinema Faculty have made some important changes regarding registration processes for advanced production, effective for the current registration period for Fall 2017.

If you are interested in taking advanced filmmaking or screenwriting courses in Fall 2017, please read this message carefully and then fill out the required form available here:


Due to increasing numbers of students declaring Cinema as a major over the past few years, along with very real resource limitations, the School of Cinema is implementing a formal review process that will improve equity of access to upper division creative classes, as well as ensure that required prerequisites are, and can be, met by students wishing to take advanced courses.

This formal review process will govern registration for Fall 2017 and is required for admission to all advanced production and screenwriting courses. All eligible students who have filled out the required form will be assigned at least one such class*. Likely in most cases, two such classes may be assigned per student per term.

Interested students must indicate their top preferences for classes in the form below. Please note these courses are only open to students with 60+ units who have successfully completed the prerequisite, CINE 310: Workshop in Film Production.

*Students should, if possible, rank up to five classes. Please note that while every effort will be made to place all eligible students in a class of their choice, given that some classes are particularly in demand, students with less than Senior class standing who pick fewer than 5 options may not get a class. Students who have previously taken over 4 advanced production classes in Cinema and who currently have sufficient units to graduate in the major will receive lowest priority for enrollment for additional advanced creative classes.

•CINE 442: Producing & Financing I requires a two-semester commitment (finishing in Spring 2018).
•CINE 620: Advanced Fiction Filmmaking I requires a separate application. If you applied for this class, please check YES.
•CINE 442 and CINE 620 may not be taken concurrently.

DEADLINE: Friday, May 5, 2017, 5:00 PM. Late applications will not be accepted.
This schedule means you will enroll in your assigned classes during Open Registration (May 13-19), not during Early Priority Registration (May 1-12).


Below is a list of courses that are included in this process:


CINE 423: Intro to Digital Filmmaking

CINE 430: Documentary Filmmaking Workshop

CINE 442: Producing & Financing I

CINE 454: Short Format Screenwriting

CINE 500: Stop-Motion Animation

CINE 510: Directing Visual Style

CINE 512: Sound Production 

CINE 520: Sound Post-Production

CINE 521: Media & Archeology in Cinema

CINE 522: Projects in Film Editing

CINE 523: Exploration in Interactive Cinema

CINE 524: Exploring Sound Design 

CINE 525: Cinematography & Lighting

CINE 529: Experimental Filmmaking

CINE 530: Digital Cinematography

CINE 551: 2D Digital Animation 

CINE 556: Feature Screenwriting II

CINE 620: Advanced Fiction Filmmaking I

CINE 630: Workshop in Experimental Documentary

CINE 654: Writing & Performing for Film & Theatre