Open enrollment

Monday, May 14, 2018 - 15:05

Dear Cinema Majors,  

Open registration is now in progress.  For those of you who entered the production pool and were given an add code, please make sure you add them by 9pm tonight.  We will be lifting restrictions on all upper division production classes and allowing any qualified student to add them through open enrollment, starting tomorrow, Tuesday May 15.   

All students who were given a permit through the application process will retain priority through 9:00 pm tonight (Monday May 14).  However, if you have failed to use the permit provided to you to enroll your courses, you risk losing your space to another student who will have access to enroll in these classes starting tomorrow.   To repeat:  we will not be holding a place in advanced Production courses for any students past 9 pm tonight.  So, if you have a permit in hand, and want to keep your space in the class, use it or be warned you may lose it.    

If you received a permit through the production pool, and find you are unable, as of tomorrow, to enroll in a class that has filled, you will not be given another “guaranteed” add code.   Your only way to enroll at that point is to try to add if and when seats open up.  

For those who did not received priority enrollment numbers through the application process, and who plan to attempt to add advanced production courses through open enrollment tomorrow — please remember that prerequisites are required in order to take these classes.  If you manage to add the class without having the prerequisites, you will be dropped by the instructor and your space given to a student who has the prerequisites on the first day of class.   So  please, do not enroll unless you have taken all prerequisites.      


School of Cinema