Cinema & Media Studies

Program Scope

Through the study of cinema and media, students gain skills in critical thinking, writing, research, analysis, and digital-media presentation — preparing them for a wide-range of employment opportunities related to moving images.
Foundation: Upper-division Cinema majors must complete the following foundation courses with a "C" or higher:
  • CINE 340: Critical Studies
  • CINE 341: Critical Studies Discussion
GWAR: All B.A. students must complete one GWAR (Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement) course with a "C" or higher. Students normally are expected to complete a GWAR in their major. The following options are available in the School of Cinema:
  • CINE 302GW: Arab Cinema
  • CINE 303GW: Writing About Cinema
  • CINE 318GW: Art and Film
  • CINE 343GW: Perspective on Documentary Film
  • CINE 350GW: The Art of Short Film
Cinema Studies Requirement:  Students must complete nine (9) Cinema units at the 300 and/or 500 level.  Note: CINE 340, 341, and the first GWAR course do not satisfy this requirement.
Cinema Studies Elective Courses
These courses contribute to the nine (9) units for the Cinema Studies Requirement (see above).  Any courses beyond nine will contribute to the sixteen (16) units of Cinema Electives.
Intermediate Level
  • CINE 304: Gender in Film (variable topics)
  • CINE 305: Film and the Holocaust
  • CINE 306: Chinese Documentary Film
  • CINE 307: National/Regional Cinemas (variable topics)
  • CINE 308: Third Cinema
  • CINE 309: Latina/o/x Cinema
  • CINE 314: Israeli Cinema
  • CINE 317: Art and Film
  • CINE 327: Anthropology and Film
  • CINE 331: Hollywood Representation of Race and Ethnicity
  • CINE 332: Representation and Narration of Sexuality in Hollywood Cinema
  • CINE 333: Race and Independent Cinema
  • CINE 335: Art of Cinematography
  • CINE 342: Documentary Film
  • CINE 344: Film Genre (variable topics)
  • CINE 345: Auteur Cinema (variable topics)
  • CINE 347: Signs of Aliens: Semiotics of Film and Popular Culture
  • CINE 365: History of Animation
  • CINE 373: Film and Society
  • CINE 375: U.S. Culture and Cinema of the 1950s
Advanced Level*
  • CINE 502: Experiments in Cinematic Form
  • CINE 507: Topics in Film History (variable topics)
  • CINE 540: Issues in Film Theory (variable topics)
  • CINE 541: Race, Sex and Identity Online
  • CINE 549: Critical Practices (variable topics)
  • CINE 572: Film Theory (variable topics)
  • CINE 598: Senior Critical Studies Seminar


*500-level courses apply to the 3-unit Capstone Requirement.