Clubs and Groups

The Animation Society

The Animation Society serves as a resource for animation students from across the SF State campus. We support screenings, workshops and other events including the Animation Finals. The group also helps the Animation students navigate all the sources on campus, in the School of Cinema and in the Bay Area for aspiring animators.

For more information about the Animation Society club email:

Black Film Club

The purpose the Black Film Club is to expand the visibility of black-oriented films and filmmakers at SF State; highlight the contributions of professional black screenwriters, directors, cinematographers and other film professionals to the cinematic artform; provide a support circle for student film projects in any state of production (screenwriting, principal photography, editing, etc.) that depict black experiences and/or thematically draw upon black perspectives; to render film production services (paid and unpaid) for real-world clients and organizations who have demonstrated support of black upliftment.

The Cinema Collective

The Cinema Collective is an SF State student organization housed in the School of Cinema. The Collective exists to help everyone interested in the art, not just cinema majors, become better filmmakers. Their goal is to work together, learn from each other, and maintain a flourishing community around our campus dedicated to producing quality films.

Delta Kappa Alpha - SF State

The Epsilon colony of Delta Kappa Alpha has been a resource to San Francisco State University since 2010. Delta Kappa Alpha (DKA) is a co-ed cinema fraternity with the mission to engage the community philanthropically, socially and professionally as well as create meaningful connections between students and professionals.

Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship

The Feminist Filmmaker Fellowship (F3) provides equitable opportunities for women and disenfranchised filmmakers from San Francisco State University to be involved in the media industry.

Graduate Student Association

The Cinema Studies Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) is a resource for aspiring film scholars and filmmakers that cultivates a stimulating environment centered in all aspects of cinema.