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Program Scope

Students pursuing this pathway gain skills in critical thinking and writing, research, analysis and digital-media presentation, preparing them for a wide-range of employment opportunities related to moving images: from IMAX to smartphones.


Students may choose 12 units from among the following courses (one of which must be taken at the 400/500 level and before CINE 610):

  • CINE 304: Homosexuality in Film or Women and Film
  • CINE 305: Film and the Holocaust
  • CINE 306: Chinese Documentary Film
  • CINE 308: Third Cinema
  • CINE 331: Hollywood Representation of Race and Ethnicity
  • CINE 332: Understanding the Representation and Narration of Sexuality in Cinema
  • CINE 342: Documentary Film
  • CINE 344: Film Genre
  • CINE 346: The Art of Short Film
  • CINE 365: History of Animation
  • CINE 372: Film Theory
  • CINE 373: Film and Society
  • CINE 375: U.S. Culture and Cinema of the 1950s
  • CINE 401: National/Regional Cinemas
  • CINE 407: History of Film
  • CINE 409: Latina/o Cinema
  • CINE 410: Art and Film
  • CINE 502: Experiments in Cinematic Form
  • CINE 508: Film Authorship
  • CINE 540: Issues in Film Theory
  • CINE 541: Race, Sex and Identity Online

In the senior year, students mut also complete:

  • CINE 610: Senior Critical Studies Seminar