Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Access

The School of Cinema adheres to the principles outlined in the SF State Code of Conduct.

During this upsurge in anti-AAPI hate and the indictment of the film industry's role in dehumanizing Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Hollywood, the school of cinema has created a web page showcasing AAPI and BIPOC student and archival work, and offering our School's statement of anti-racism and support for the AAPI community.

SF State School of Cinema Community Agreements for Engagement

  1. Critique ideas, not people.
  2. Assume others’ best intent.
  3. Everybody is a teacher. Everybody is a learner.
  4. Ask for clarification and help.
  5. Recognize that all who are here belong here.
  6. Listen before speaking.
  7. Design a protocol and assign a role for moderation of discussion.
  8. Frame feedback constructively.
  9. Remove punitive consequences of discussions.
  10. Encourage and invite everyone to share (in their own way). [Step up. Step back. (Monitor your own participation and encourage all to participate).]
  11. Allow (invite) people to make and learn from their mistakes.
  12. Try to stay on topic.
  13. Make it brief.
  14. Recognize that their inequalities among us (and be mindful of what you don’t know).
  15. Make transparent & conclusive decisions with action item agendas.
  16. Support shared agreements.

What additional agreements for engagement would you suggest for this community at this time?

School of Cinema Statement of Values: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  1. We value respect and open-mind(ful)edness.
  2. We want courses and faculty that represent women and underrepresented groups.
  3. Engagement, collaboration, and presence
  4. Balance of theory and practice in everything we do
  5. Value different backgrounds in everything we do
  6. Respect: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
  7. Recognize your own filters.
  8. Create an environment that empowers all students through the recognition of inequalities.
  9. Recognize and value the achievements of women, people of color, and all underrepresented groups as a model for what we want to see in the cinema profession.
  10. Allow everyone to be heard and to shine.
  11. Be kind and patient towards each other.
  12. Actively create a space where all people can learn and grow equally.
  13. Show films that represent and value diverse voices.
  14. Recognize inequality in order to provide support needed.
  15. We value mutual respect between staff, faculty and students.
  16. We value collaboration and providing equitable opportunities in our learning environments.
  17. We encourage the existence of a diversity of voices in our school.
  18. Down with censorship!

SF State Cinema Syllabus Statements

  1. SF State School of Cinema recognizes structural inequalities in the film and media industries and cinematic arts. We strive to achieve inclusion and access for all.
  2. We want our classrooms to look like the profession of the future: empowering women, people of color, & underrepresented groups as vital and diverse voices in our society.
  3. We want to create an environment that empowers all students, recognizing and addressing the history of oppression in our industry. We want to “be excellent to each other!”