Minor in Animation

The School of Cinema offers two minors:
Minor in Cinema and Minor in Animation.

Animation class with students and screen

The Animation Minor is open to all majors. The program is a production emphasis in creative storytelling, social issue documentary and artistic experimentation.

Using techniques like drawing, stop-motion, 2D/3D digital and mixed media, students apply their research to short animated projects. Students gain a foundation in animation principles and methods applicable to fine art, creative, entertainment, industrial, scientific and humanities fields. The Animation Society welcomes all students to the club meetings.

Program learning outcomes are as follows:

  1. Students will acquire basic skills in the critical analysis of films, focused by the analysis of representative film texts from a range of periods and cultures.
  2. Students will relate animation to the production, distribution, and exhibition industries, to other arts, and to society.
  3. Students will identify contemporary technological, artistic, and industrial trends in the animation and cinematic arts.
  4. Students will acquire the basic technical skills necessary for cinematic expression with animation.
  5. Students will locate voice in the creation of animation as cinematic interdisciplinary art.

Enrollment in the Animation Minor is limited and requires a portfolio review. Upper-division standing students of any major can apply. Five animation courses totaling 15 units are required. Students must maintain a grade of “C” or better in the required animation classes. It takes two years to complete the animation minor. 

The portfolio review is online in the spring semester (deadline April 20). Students should meet with an animation advisor in fall and prepare their portfolios during their freshmen and sophomore years. Up to 14 students will be admitted after the spring portfolio review; they will receive permits to register for CINE 444 Animation I (3 units). Others with strong portfolios will be wait-listed. All students must upload their application materials (application, portfolio, unofficial transcripts) to SF State Box by April 20.