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Film Finals

Film Finals is the School of Cinema’s annual showcase of the best films made by Cinema students at San Francisco State University during the academic year — and the City’s premiere student cinema event.

Beginning in the 1960s, Film Finals is a celebration of San Francisco State’s rich cinematic heritage, a heritage that has seen alumni earn Oscar nominations for fifteen consecutive years. It is also a supportive vessel for this emerging talent to exhibit their innovative work to the public, often for the very first time.

62nd Film Finals

This year’s program is comprised of 13 films from graduates and undergraduates alike, representing various genres, styles, formats and media. The School of Cinema proudly presents the selection from the 62nd Annual Film Finals.

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Exit Wounds investigates the relationship between Southeast Asia and US imperialism through a queer diaspora lens. The film combines queer portraits, abstract images and archival footage to question how we remember US intervention in the Philippines and Cambodia.

Forgotten Fountains is an experimental documentary about drinking fountains as a lens on the broader infrastructure crisis in the United States. Harnessing 16mm found footage and super 8 scenes with academic host Dr. Elise Vanderlip, the film asks us what the disappearance of small, seemingly insignificant public resources like drinking fountains signals for the future.

Incorporeus is an abstract short film experiment with a technique of macro fluid stop-motion animation in a petri dish using physical materials pf rubbing alcohol, ink, watercolor, glycerin, baby oil, glitter, and water.

In Nevo Shaked’s Just One Drop, a hungry mosquito asks a woman for a drop of blood. Terrifying or hilarious?

A wild and adrenaline filled ride through a basketball workout, can you keep up?

Order of the Army of the Arts, directed by Kamila Abdygapparova, is an experimental short film breaking down concept of abstract art influenced by political regimes.

Mikey Gordon, a.k.a Dirty Ron McDonald, grapples with the stress of putting on a public wrestling event and the anxiety of performing a life-threatening stunt. A wild joyride through the turbulent and violent world of underground wrestling, we see both what it’s like to partake as an audience member, as well as the gritty, behind the scenes drama just outside the ring.

In Ray de Mesa’s GET FREE, an unwitting drag artist faces an unusual request from an enigmatic older woman in exchange for a free dress.

In Tony Alfaro’s Broken Records, Milo puts everything on the line to save Dan from selling his record store.

Animation Finals

A Blast from the Past: Animation Finals from 2013!

Queer Finals

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