Internship Program

Student Eligibility Requirements

  1. All students must possess a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  2. Only Junior, Senior, or Graduate Students are eligible.

Internship Criteria

  1. Prior approval from the Internship Coordinator is mandatory for all internships.
  2. The primary considerations for internship approval are student learning and safety.
  3. Internships should be associated with reputable companies engaged in the various facets of film and media such as pre-production, production, post-production, distribution, marketing, or study.
  4. The designated internship supervisor must be an experienced professional who is both willing and competent to mentor the student in practical learning.
  5. While internships can be paid, such opportunities are rare. Nevertheless, students can obtain both academic credit and a stipend from their internship.
  6. Students are allowed to retake the Internship class, subject to the approval of the Internship Coordinator.
  7. A maximum of nine individual study units (e.g., independent study, practicum,  internships, etc.) can be applied towards the student's degree.

      Administrative Procedures

      1. Upon approval, both the intern and the internship supervisor are required to sign a formal agreement.
      2. Once enrolled in the Cinema internship course, students are mandated to submit Bi-Weekly Internship Reports to the Internship Coordinator.

      Course Grading Criteria

      1. Completion of a total of 135 hours.
      2. Submission of 6 approved and graded Bi-Weekly Reports.
      3. A positive evaluation from the internship supervisor.