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Jan Millsapps

Email: janm@sfsu.edu


Professor Millsapps is a pioneering digital filmmaker, an early web innovator, and a versatile and accomplished writer. She has produced films, videos and interactive cinema on subjects ranging from domestic violence to global terrorism, and has published in traditional print and online venues.

Certificate in Cosmology, University of Central Lancashire, Preston
Ph.D., University of South Carolina, Columbia
M.A., Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina
B.A., University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Selected Publications & Filmography:

"Parthenogenesis", 1st place award in animation, North Carolina Film Festival, 1976
"Folly Beach Journal", Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1982
"True Romance", 1st Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival, S.C. State Art Collection, 1983
"A Southern Film Experience", S.C. Arts Commission and S.C. Educational Television, 1985
"Maternal Life", experimental narrative award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1991
"Cineplay", featured installation, National Educational Film and Video Festival, 1993
"Episodes", multimedia installation, with La Casa de las Madres, San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco Public Library, Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in Bay Area, National Latino Health Conference, 1997
"Pleasure Island", live web performance at USC's "Interactive Friction” conference, Mill Valley Film Festival, 1999
"Coverage", featured installation, Mill Valley Film Festival, 2002

"Maya Deren", Imagist, feature article, Literature/Film Quarterly, Vol. XIV, 1986
"Close-Up", review, Film, Radio and Television Journals, 1985
"The Way it Was", short story, South Carolina Fiction Award, The State Magazine, 1986
"Hail to the Bubba in Chief", op-ed essay, San Francisco Examiner, 1993
"Al Gore: Oh What a Good Boy is He", op-ed essay, San Francisco Chronicle, September 3, 2000
"Take a Letter, Take a Look", feature article, The Lowell Observer, Fall 2008
"Screwed Pooch", historical novel, 2007


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